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Sungkil Lee, Elmar Eisemann, and Hans-Peter Seidel.

ACM Trans. Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH ASIA'09), 28(5), 134:1–6, 2009.
We present a GPU-based real-time rendering method that simulates a high-quality depth-of-field blur, similar in quality to multiview accumulation methods. Most real-time approaches have difficulties to obtain good approximations of visibility and view-dependent shading due to the use of a single view image. Our method also avoids the multiple rendering of a scene, but can approximate different views by relying on a layered image-based scene representation. We present several performance and quality improvements, such as early culling, approximate cone tracing, and jittered sampling. Our method achieves artifact-free results for complex scenes and reasonable depth-of-field blur in real time.
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