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Sungkil Lee, Gerard J. Kim, and Seungmoon Choi

IEEE Trans. Vis. and Computer Graphics, 15(3), 453–464, 2009.
This article presents a real-time GPU-based postfiltering method for rendering acceptable depth-of-field effects suited for virtual reality. Blurring is achieved by nonlinearly interpolating mipmap images generated from a pinhole image. Major artifacts common in the postfiltering techniques such as a bilinear magnification artifact, intensity leakage, and blurring discontinuity are practically eliminated via magnification with a circular filter, anisotropic mipmapping, and smoothing of blurring degrees. The whole framework is accelerated using GPU programs for constant and scalable real-time performance required for virtual reality. We also compare our method to recent GPU-based methods in terms of image quality and rendering performance.
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