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Sunghoon Yim, Sungkil Lee, and Seungmoon Choi

Interacting with Computers, 23(3), 268–278, 2011.
This article evaluates the usability of motion sensing-based interaction on a mobile platform using image browsing as a representative task. Three types of interfaces, a physical button interface, a motion-sensing interface using a high-precision commercial 3D motion tracker, and a motion-sensing interface using an in-house low-cost 3D motion tracker, are compared in terms of task performance and subjective preference. Participants were provided with prolonged training over 20 days, in order to compensate for the participants’ unfamiliarity with the motion-sensing interfaces. Experimental results showed that the participants’ task performance and subjective preference for the two motion-sensing interfaces were initially low, but they rapidly improved with training and soon approached the level of the button interface. Furthermore, a recall test, which was conducted 4 weeks later, demonstrated that the usability gains were well retained in spite of the long time gap between uses. Overall, these findings highlight the potential of motion-based interaction as an intuitive interface for mobile devices.
@ARTICLE{yim11:motion, title={{Evaluation of Motion-Based Interaction for Mobile Devices: A Case Study on Image Browsing}}, author={Sunghoon Yim and Sungkil Lee and Seungmoon Choi}, journal={{Interacting with Computers}}, volume={23}, number={3}, pages={268--278}, year={2011} }

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