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Matthias Hullin, Sungkil Lee, Hans-Peter Seidel, and Elmar Eisemann.

Publication No.: WO2012/146303, Application No.: PCT/EP2011/056850, 2012.
A method and device for efficiently simulating lens flares produced by an optical system is provided. The method comprises the steps of - Simulating paths of rays from a light source through the optical system, the rays representing light; and Estimating, for points in a sensor plane, an irradiance, based on intersections of the simulated paths with the sensor plane.
@INPROCEEDINGS{hullin12:flare, title={{Method and System for Real-Time Lens Flare Rendering}}, author={Matthias Hullin and Sungkil Lee and Hans-Peter Seidel and Elmar Eisemann}, booktitle={{}}, year={2012} }

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