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Jun Suk Kim, Sungkil Lee, Min Young Chung

IEEE Trans. Vehicular Technology, 66(7), 6280–6290, 2017.
In order to facilitate low-cost network connection of many devices, machine-type communication (MTC) has evolved to low-cost MTC (LC-MTC) in the third-generation partnership project (3GPP) standard. LC-MTC should be able to effectively handle intensive accesses through multiple narrow-band (NB) random-access channels (RACHs) assigned within the bandwidth of a long-term evolution (LTE) system. As the number of MTC devices and their congestion rapidly increase, the random-access scheme for LC-MTC RACH needs to be improved. This paper presents a novel random-access scheme that introduces virtual preambles of LC-MTC devices and associates them with RACH indices to effectively discern LC-MTC devices. In comparison to the sole use of preambles, our scheme allows an LC-MTC device to better choose a unique virtual preamble. Thereby, the probability of successful accesses of LC-MTC devices increases in contention-based random-access environments. We experimentally assessed our scheme and the results show that our scheme performs better than the existing preamble-based scheme in terms of collision probability, access delay, and access blocking probability.
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