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Soonhyeon Kwon, Younguk Kim, Kihyuk Kim, and Sungkil Lee

Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, 29(1), e1784:1–14, 2018.
This paper presents a novel heterogeneous volume deformation technique and an intuitive volume animation authoring framework. Our volume deformation extends the previous technique based on moving least squares with a density-aware weighting metric for data-driven importance control and efficient upsampling-based volume synthesis. For user interaction, we present an intuitive visual metaphor and interaction schemes to support effective spatiotemporal editing of volume deformation animation. Our framework is implemented fully on graphics processors and thus suitable for quick-and-easy prototyping of volume deformation with improved controllability.
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@ARTICLE{kwon18:avox, title={{Heterogeneous Volume Deformation and Animation Authoring with Density-Aware Moving Least Squares}}, author={Soonhyeon Kwon and Younguk Kim and Kihyuk Kim and Sungkil Lee}, journal={{Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds}}, volume={29}, number={1}, pages={e1784:1--14}, year={2018} }

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