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Timothy R. Kol, Pablo Bauszat, Sungkil Lee, and Elmar Eisemann

Computer Graphics Forum, 38(1), 235–247, 2019.
Presented at Eurographics 2019, Genova, Italy.
We present a scalable solution to render complex scenes from a large amount of view points. While previous approaches rely either on a scene or a view hierarchy to process multiple elements together, we make full use of both, enabling sublinear performance in terms of views and scene complexity. By concurrently traversing the hierarchies, we efficiently find shared information among views to amortize rendering costs. One example application is many-light global illumination. Our solution accelerates shadow map generation for virtual point lights, whose number can now be raised to over a million while maintaining interactive rates.
@ARTICLE{kol19:megaviews, title={{MegaViews: Scalable Many-View Rendering with Concurrent Scene-View Hierarchy Traversal}}, author={Timothy R. Kol and Pablo Bauszat and Sungkil Lee and Elmar Eisemann}, journal={{Computer Graphics Forum}}, volume={38}, number={1}, pages={235--247}, year={2019} }

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