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Sun Geol Baek, Sungkil Lee, and Young Ik Eom

Information Sciences, 546, 1306-1327, 2021.
The single-pair all-shortest-path problem is to find all possible shortest paths, given a single source-destination pair in a graph. Due to the lack of efficient algorithms for single-pair all-shortest-path problem, many applications used diverse types of modifications to the existing shortest-path algorithms such as Dijkstra’s algorithm. Such approaches can facilitate the analysis of medium-sized static networks, but the heavy computational cost impedes their use for massive and dynamic real-world networks. In this paper, we present a novel single-pair all-shortest-path algorithm, which performs well on massive networks as well as dynamic networks. The efficiency of our algorithm stems from novel 2-hop label-based query processing on large-size networks. For dynamic networks, we also demonstrate how to incrementally maintain all shortest paths in 2-hop labels, which allows our algorithm to handle the topological changes of dynamic networks such as insertion or deletion of edges. We carried out experiments on real-world large datasets, and the results confirms the effectiveness of our algorithms for the single-pair all-shortest-path computation and the incremental maintenance of 2-hop labels.
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