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Yuna Jeong, Seung Youp Baek, Yechan Seok, Gi Beom Lee, and Sungkil Lee

IEEE Trans. Visualization and Computer Graphics, 28(2), 1373–1384, 2022.
This article presents a real-time bokeh rendering technique that splats pre-computed sprites but takes dynamic visibilities and intrinsic appearances into account at runtime. To attain alias-free looks without excessive sampling on a lens, the visibilities of strong highlights are densely sampled using rasterization, while regular objects are sparsely sampled using conventional defocus-blur rendering. The intrinsic appearance is dynamically transformed from a precomputed look-up table, which encodes radial aberrations against image distances in a compact 2D texture. Our solution can render complex bokeh effects without undersampling artifacts in real time, and greatly improve the photorealism of defocus-blur rendering.
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